Thanks for playing! All contestants receive a year’s supply of turtle wax, and a copy of our home game.

FYI We are not registered for gifts anywhere. We’ve been living together in the same house for 12 years, so we don’t need any cappuccino machines, bread makers, George Foreman Grills®, turnip twaddlers™, or crocheted toilet seat covers 🙃

If you’d like to contribute to our honeymoon fund, we’d appreciate it – mostly we’d like you to come and celebrate with us. Looking forward to seeing y’all there.

Love, Dirck & Mel

2 thoughts on “Everybody”

  1. Ah dear ones!
    this just makes my heart so. very. happy!
    I love love love that the day is nearly here 🙂

    this lavender farm looks perfect- what an incredible place to do a spring celebration. I wish wish wish that I could be there, but alas, work prevents me- but please know that my love is with you, and my prayers for more gladness than you can imagine.

    joy to you!

  2. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. We are honored to be able the Landonga-BLASKEY union. You both are perfect couple. May life continue to bring you joy, laughter and many many more cats 🐈!!!!


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